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Formagrind have continually re-invested in the latest EDM technology, allowing us to offer:- Wire Erosion / EDM Spark Erosion and EDM fast-hole drilling services.

Our current range of EDM machines includes 2x of the latest high speed and high accuracy Sodick EDM Wire Erosion machines. Both these Wire EDM machines have the Linear accuracy other machines are unable to offer and are linked to our solid modelling software to enable fast and repeatable accuracy.

Our EDM Wire Erosion machines are capable of cutting the very hardest materials like Tungsten carbide to accuracy of +/-0.002mm. we Wire EDM cut pure Tungsten / Tantalum and Molybdenum as well as other rare Alloys.

Our Wire Erosion machines allow us to cut any conductive material up to (X)600mm x (Y)400mm x (Z)300mm. and our EDM spark erosion machines to (X)400mm x (Y) 300mm x (Z)300mm.

Our latest 2019 purchase a (GF) CNC EDM Spark Erosion (Plunge sparking) that has 6x tool holders enabling multiple complex operations, and the EDM Spark Erosion of threads into hard materials like Tungsten Carbide.

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