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Surface Grinding Services and Cylindrical Grinding services

As the name would suggest Formagrind are a company that offers Grinding services. We were established back in 1983 with Grinding as its primary offering and although demands have changed over the years, mainly as a result of improved machine capabilities like hard machining and EDM Wire Erosion and EDM Spark Erosion the service is still in demand and still unrivalled in certain applications.

Surface Grinding

Formagrind are one of the UK’s premier providers of surface grinding services and offer this across a wide range of materials including Hard steels / Ceramic and surface grinding of Tungsten carbide. We have Surface grinding machines with diaforms for creating complex shapes on surface grinding wheels and a high power camera for the very smallest of grinding operations on both surface and cylindrical grinding. We also use Diamond impregnated Surface grinding wheels for many applications where it is not possible to use standard grinding wheels on ceramic for an example. We can also perform surface grinding on non-magnetic materials on our vacuum chuck so stainless steels can be surface ground too.

Cylindrical Grinding

We have a range of cylindrical machines that allow us to offer cylindrical grinding services to our customers ranging from 0.5mm diameter up to 200mm and as long as 750mm. our Jones and shipman and Myford cylindrical grinding machines are maintained regularly by OEM service engineers to maintain the quality and high accuracy they are both known for.

We also have form dressing capability as well as diamond wheels for our cylindrical grinding machines so can cylindrical grind tungsten carbide / ceramic and other very hard materials.We regularly work to Tolerances of less than 0.010mm on both Surface grinding and Cylindrical grinding and shaft runout on Cylindrical grinding of less than 0.005mm.

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