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Milling (CNC)

x5 – Hurco VM1
x1 – Hurco VM20i
x2 – Hurco VM2416
x1 – Hurco VMX30Mi
x1 – Hurco VM30
x1 – Hurco VMX42Mi

Milling (non-CNC)

x1 – XYZ PRO2000 with PROTRAC semi-automatic
x1 – XYZ SMX 2000 with ProtoTrak SMX control
x1 – XYZ 1500 with Newall DP 700 DRO
x2 – KRV2000 Manual

Turning (CNC)

x2 – Gildemeister CTX400 (with 1M bar feeders)
x2 – Mazak Nexus 250-11 MSY

Turning (non-CNC)

x1 – Hardinge super
x1 – Colchester Master 3250

EDM (Wire)

x1 – Sodick AG600 high speed
x1 – Sodick VL600Q
x2 – Sodick AP200
x1 – Sodick A280
x1 – Sodick A320

EDM (Die Sinking)

x1 – Agie Mondo Star 20 (CNC)
x1 – Baron Max spark erosion

EDM (Fast Hole)

X1 – Sodick K1C rapid hole drilling

Grinding (Surface)

X1 – Jones & Shipman 540 with Sony vision
X1 – Jones & Shipman with Diaform
X1 – Jones & Shipman 1400
x1 – Jones & Shipman 1311

Grinding (Cylindrical)

x1 – Myford High Precision
x1 – Jones & Shipman 1305

Other Equipment/Services

Shot and light powder blasting
x 2 Tesa CNC CMM
Ultrasonic Cleaning
TIG Welding
Mechanical Assembly

SPC software
CAD/CAM, Solid CAM, Solid Works, Edge CAM, Auto CAD
X3 Microscopes
X2 Shadow Projectors
CNC engraving

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