Formagrind have continually re-invested in the latest EDM technology, allowing us to offer Wire / Spark and EDM fast-hole drilling services.

Our range of machines include 2x Oil based wire erosion machines, designed specifically for the wire erosion of Tungsten carbide to reduce the effects of Re-casting (Cobalt depletion) caused by water based machines. The accuracy of these machines is un-rivalled at +/-0.002mm.

Our largest machine allows us to cut any conductive material up to (X)600mm x (Y)400mm x (Z)300mm.

Die sinking (Plunge sparking) with a machine that has 6x tool holders enables multiple operations, and the spark erosion of threads into hard materials like Tungsten Carbide.


For more informationĀ on these services or to arrange a free quotation please contact Formagrind on: 01792 817661